Many people who have taken biology are familiar with Mr. Kruger and his memorable teaching style. He teaches CP Biology, Honors Biology, and AP Biology. However, he now shares these responsibilities with Ms. Dobelle, a recent hire. With someone new in the mix, this is a good opportunity to catch up with the biology teachers.

Ms. Dobelle came to Highland Park with her family at heart, two retired parents in Florida and one brother in Ohio. Ms. Dobelle taught at Union County before coming to Highland Park. She was also a marine mammal trainer for five years and has taught at the Bronx Zoo. She says that the main reason why she chose to teach biology was that, “It’s just what I’m interested in. I like the challenge of teaching AP Bio.” She’s undoubtedly had strange teaching experiences that she remembers, especially with remote learning, which was a challenge for everyone. Ms. Dobelle remembers a time while she was doing distance learning programs at the Bronx Zoo when animals were a part of teaching the program. “I’ve had animals get loose, and then I’d have to find them again, like sugar gliders and guinea fowl.” Sure enough, any program that includes live animals has had more dangerous encounters. “I’ve gotten bit by a lot of things. The worst animal bite I’ve ever gotten was from a rock hyrax. I thought it sliced my finger in half.” Thankfully, Ms. Dobelles's fingers are currently intact. She then remarks that the students are “very nice, very friendly. Not a lot of behavioral issues.” It’s safe to say she’s settling in here well.

Mr. Kruger, the other biology teacher, has some stories as well. He says, “There was once a child who got shark oil all over him. We used to dissect sharks and he couldn't get [a container] open and it kind of ripped and the oil splattered all over him. He went for the rest of the day smelling like bad, terrible fish.” Sure enough, Mr. Lassiter eventually shut down the stinky experiment in 2016. Mr. Kruger says he got into teaching biology because, “I used to tutor the Rutgers football team and some of the kids that I was tutoring said, ‘oh, you should teach high school science because I wished I had a science teacher like you.” Many people would be glad to hear that he took this advice. Having Mr. Kruger as a teacher is one of the many great academic resources Highland Park provides, making it an even greater feeling to welcome Mrs. Dobelle as another one of us Owls as well.