Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

English 4 years/20 credits

Health & Physical Education 1 year (3.75 credits /1.25 credits) for each  year of high school:

PE 9/Health 9

PE 10/Driver Education

PE 11/Health 11

PE 12/Health 12

Mathematics 3 years/15 credits (must include Algebra I)

Science 3 years/15 credits (must include Biology plus two years of additional lab science)

Social Studies 3 years/15 credits (World History, US History I & II)

World Language 1 year/5 credits (10 credits for four year colleges)

21st Century Life & Careers

(Family/Consumer Science,

Business, and Technology) 1 year/5 credits

Visual and Performing Arts

(Art or Music) 1 year/5 credits

Intro to Economics & Personal Finance Half year/2.5 credits

Additional electives 32.5 credits

Total number of required credits  135